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Safeway Weekly Ad (3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024) This Week

The Safeway Weekly Ad is an online ad offered by Safeway that allows people to save money. Some people may receive these ads in their mailboxes weekly, but there will always be an online version, so everyone has a chance to view the ads and find the special deals.

Safeway Weekly Ad Valid: 3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024 (Click Here)

How to Save with Safeway Weekly Ad

Saving money is important to the company; they understand that their customers want low prices and great deals, so it is in their best interest to put these online ads out there so their customers can find these ads and save money.

How to Keep Updated with the Safeway Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Your specific city/state/zip code should be located in the find store area. If so, continue to step 3. If not, enter the zip code of your choice and select go.
  3. Select the closest store or your preferred store from the list by clicking the weekly specials link.
  4. You will be able to scroll down and view the entire first page. Click the number corresponding to the next page to move forward or backward.
  5. Scroll over items in the ad to view information about them. If you find something you wish to purchase, you can click the add button on the pop up. This will allow you to add items to your special shopping cart.
  6. When finished, you will be able to view your shopping list and print said list.
  7. You can also browse by category by clicking the link you prefer to view. This will show you all the specifics in that area, which can save time if you know exactly what you want, such as breakfast items, baby needs and dairy products, for an example.