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Martin’s Weekly Ad (3/15/2024 – 3/21/2024) This Week

The Martin’s Weekly Ad, which is found online at Now you can use your computer that has an Internet connection to view the savings that are offered each week when planning for your shopping trip to Martin’s. In the past you had to wait for a printed copy of a weekly savings ad to arrive to decide what items or products that are on sale that you may want to purchase. Now many companies have designed a web site that offers additional features that you can access at anytime. With so many features available, planning your meals and creating your shopping list is so much easier and fun. With the Martin’s Weekly Ad online you can view featured recipes, create meal plans, watch videos for cooking and create your shopping list while you browse the website.

Martin’s Weekly Ad (Valid: 3/15/2024 – 3/21/2024)

How to Save with the Martin’s Weekly Ad

Before creating your shopping list each week you can view the savings that are available for that week. You want to select the location of the Martin’s that you plan to shop at, to insure you are viewing the correct weekly ad for that location. Customers may choose to download the mobile app for their smart-phone to make your shopping experience a very pleasant one and saves you lots of money.

How to Keep Updated with the Martin’s Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “weekly circular” link that will then take you to the next page to choose your favorite location you are going to shop at.
  3. You may choose to create an account, so that you will receive updated information on weekly sales or promotions. Once you have registered you can choose to have the Martin’s Weekly Ad and other special offers sent to your email or simply go online each week.
  4. Martin’s Weekly Ad web page offers you many ways to save, have fun and save lots of money.

Martin’s Weekly Ad Store Locations