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Lidl US Weekly Ad (3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024) This Week

The Lidl US Weekly Ad is an online ad offered by Lidl US that can help you save money. This ad is available for anyone and it is free. Whether you receive an ad in the mail or not, you can still use the online ad.

Lidl US Weekly Ad (Valid: 3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024)

How to Save with the Lidl US Weekly Ad

Saving money with their ad is very easy. First, it is a free ad. You can view it as much as you want and can stay on the webpage for as long as you need. Second, you simply view the items and pick the ones you want. Third, go to the store and purchase those items. The savings will already be there in the prices.

How to Keep Updated with the Lidl US Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your zip code and hit enter or click the arrow.
  3. Select the store you wish to view the circular for.
  4. Select the ad you wish to view.
  5. On the left side, you can click on the department you want to view specials on. You can also use the discount browser slider to get the best discounts.
  6. Otherwise, you can simply scroll through the ad and click on the arrows to go forward.
  7. When you find something you might like, click on the item to view more information and to add the item to your shopping list.
  8. When finished viewing information or add to the list, click the X at the top right corner to go back to the ad.
  9. When you are finished browsing the ad, you can then go to the shopping list you created by clicking on it. You can view your list, make changes and print the list.