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Kroger Weekly Ad (3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024) This Week

The Kroger Weekly Ad is an online discount ad offered by Kroger that could help you save money. This ad is the same as the paper ad sent to many households. However, it can be pricey for the company to send these, so some households do not receive them. The company decided to make their ad available online for everyone to view, even those who do not receive the paper ad. You can use the online ad the same way as a paper one.

Kroger Weekly Ad (Valid: 3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024)

How to Save with the Kroger Weekly Ad

All you really must do is view the ad and view the savings. Look for the items that you really want, while browsing for items you may not know you want or need until you see them. Once you have viewed the items, you can go to the store and purchase them.

How to Keep Updated with the Kroger Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the location of the store you wish to shop at. You can enter the zip code or the city and state. You should also mark which stores you wish to see, whether five or more miles away from the location you entered.
  3. Choose the location you want to view the ad for and click “View Weekly Ad”.
  4. Scroll down to view the ad. You may move your mouse over any picture to view more information about the product.
  5. To remember the items, you can either write them down. This can be difficult and time consuming and you must remember to write down sizes and flavors allowed. You can also click the item and add it to the online shopping list provided by Kroger. It will add a circle around the item you want. Then click the print button at the top of the page to print the items you circled.

Kroger Weekly Ad Store Locations