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Home Depot Weekly Ad (3/11/2024 – 3/20/2024) This Week

The Home Depot Weekly Ad is an online ad offered by Home Depot to help you save money. Consider using the online ad, even if you receive a paper ad in the mail. It can be a great time saver, especially if you do most of your work online.

Home Depot Weekly Ad (Valid: 3/11/2024 – 3/20/2024)

How to Save with the Home Depot Weekly Ad

Saving money is important to everyone. It can be difficult when you need to purchase items, as most items are expensive. This can help you very much. These ads are meant to show you special deals that can save you money.

How to Keep Updated with the Home Depot Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. The store closest to you will automatically populate. However, this may not actually be the closest store. If you need to change locations, click the red change link and follow direction.
  3. Choose the view you wish to use. If you prefer the default view, go to step 4. Otherwise, you can choose a full-page view or a double page view. However, the single page view is default and this is usually easiest for most people to view.
  4. Scroll through the ad and click the arrows at the top of the page to move through it.
  5. There is no online shopping list with this store; however, you can still click on items to view more information.
  6. For some items, you can purchase them online by clicking the buy online button.
  7. If you only want one or two items, consider printing those off (after clicking on the item you are interested in), or emailing it to yourself. Then you can take those pages or your Smart phone with you to the store.