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Hannaford Weekly Flyer (3/17/2024 – 3/23/2024) This Week

The Hannaford Weekly Flyer is an online ad of the savings that are being offered when you shop at your preferred Hannaford store location. You will need to select a store by entering your Zip Code, or City and State in order to show the in-stock products and current pricing for the store you select. You may have created an account or create one, that will save your Hannaford store location that you may be shopping at. Once you have selected your Hannaford store location or signed in, you may click on the Weekly Flyer tab at the top of the web page to display the current savings available for that location. You may also want to explore the additional features that the online version of the Hannaford Weekly Flyer has to offer.

Hannaford Weekly Flyer Valid: 3/17/2024 – 3/23/2024

How to Save with the Hannaford Weekly Flyer

Each week Hannaford stores will offer savings to customers that you can take advantage of while shopping at your favorite store. The Weekly Flyer will display items and products that are on sale for that week, create a shopping list that will include these items to enjoy the savings that are available.

How to Keep to Updated with the Hannaford Weekly Flyer

  1. Go to
  2. Select the location of the Hannaford store that you are planning to shop at, or sign in if you have already created a personal account.
  3. With a personal account you will receive updates on the Hannaford Weekly Flyer sale items and other exclusive offers for customers.
  4. Planning your shopping in advance with viewing the Hannaford Weekly Flyer will allow you to enjoy the savings available each week.

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