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Food Basics Weekly Flyer (3/14/2024 – 3/20/2024) This Week

The Food Basics Weekly Flyer is an online flyer offered by Food Basics to help you save money.

Food Basics Weekly Flyer (Valid: 3/14/2024 – 3/20/2024)

How to Save with the Food Basics Weekly Flyer

Saving money is simple because you just check out what options are available with the flyer. If you want those items, you can save money by buying them there. You may want to plan your meals around the sale prices to save money on weekly meal planning. Sometimes, they offer contests, which is shown above the ad.

You will have to include your name, postal code and email address. You will also have to check both boxes underneath before subscribing.

How to Keep Updated with the Food Basics Weekly Flyer

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to enter your postal code or province and city from the drop-down box and click find store.
  3. A list will populate of the closest stores available to you. Click on the one you want to view and then click the publication you want to view.
  4. You can select from single and double page view, as well as a list of products. You can also search the flyer by category or by typing in an item.
  5. Click on an item to add it to your shopping list. You can also tweet, like, plus, and pin the item to your social media platform.
  6. Make sure you go through all pages and then click on the shopping list at the top of the ad.
  7. Add extra items that weren’t on sale to complete your list and then print or email it to yourself.

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