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Family Dollar Weekly Ad (3/17/2024 – 3/23/2024) This Week

The Family Dollar Weekly Ad is an online ad offered by Family Dollar that can help you save money. Sometimes, these ads are sent directly to homes, but the company realizes that many people are excluded from these money-saving ads because they may live in an area that isn’t covered. Therefore, the ads are online so everyone can view them.

Family Dollar Weekly Ad Valid: 3/17/2024 – 3/23/2024

Save with the Family Dollar Weekly Ad

To save money, simply view the ad and see all the items you wish to purchase. They are on sale, which can save you money. You can also use coupons from the ad or from manufacturer’s to save more.

Keep Updated with the Family Dollar Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your zip code to begin.
  3. Select the store you prefer by clicking on the select button.
  4. If more than one ad is available for viewing, a popup will show the specific ads. Either click on the one you prefer to view, or right click and open in a new tab to view all ads available.
  5. Scroll down and look at the items available. You can zoom in to view added features. To find more information, you can click the small italicized “I” in the corner of each area. This will allow you to view extra information about the product.
  6. Click the arrows to go forward and backward in the ad until you have viewed everything.
  7. You can also click directly onto an item to have it circled and added to a special list. This list can then be printed out after everything has been added. This way, you can take your shopping list directly from the site and purchase the items preferred.