Dollar Tree Weekly Ad (3/5/2023 – 3/25/2023) Preview!

The Dollar Tree Weekly Ad is an online ad to give you the opportunity to view the dollar tree weekly ad from the convenience of your computer. This will give you the time to freely browse all the categories to choose the items that you want to purchase that week.

Dollar Tree Weekly Ad Valid: 3/5/2023 – 3/25/2023

Floral & Home Decor

  • Artificial Easter Floral or Glass Vases. $1.25.
  • Wall Signs, Yard Stakes & MORE!. $1.25.
  • Plush Bunnies, Felt Sheets, Trim, Ribbon & MORE!. $1.25.
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Food, Candy & Drinks

  • Easter Baskets, Pails or Grass. $1.25.
  • Easter Eggs. $1.25.
  • 2-pk. Basket Bags. $1.25.
  • Cuddly Easter Plush. $1.25. 2 – pk. Basket Bags

Kitchen & Dining

  • Spring Fling Dinnerware. $1.25 EA. Dinner Plates, Sides Plates, Bowls, Mugs, 3 – pc. Cutlery & MORE!
  • Drinkware for the Adult or Kids’ Tables!. $1.25.
  • McCormick® Kitchen Tools. $1.25.


  • 3 cloth bunnies.
  • Easter Goodies.
  • Carrots on a plate.
  • Sweet Treats!. $1.25 EA.
  • Reese’s® Eggs. $1.25 EA.
  • Haribo® Gummi Candy. $1.25 EA.
  • Russell Stover® Milk Chocolate Bunny. $1.25 EA.
  • Brand Name Multi-Pack Chocolates. $1.25 EA.
  • SweetTarts® or Starburst® Jelly Beans. $1.25 EA.
  • Cadbury® Caramello. $1.25.
  • Egg-citing Stuffers!. $1.25 EA.
  • Story, Activity or Coloring Books. $1.25 EA.
  • Fidget Toys, Flarp or Squishees. $1.25 EA.
  • Collectible Surprises in Every Bag!. $1.25 EA.
  • Plush Squeezeable Characters. $1.25 EA.
  • Bath & Beauty Basket Stuffers. $1.25 EA. Crayola® Bath Bombs, Barbie® Hair Delangler & MORE!
  • 8-pk. Egg-shaped Chalk. $1.25 EA.
  • Mattel® Toys Barbie® Miniatures or Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks. $1.25 EA.
  • Card Game Favorites. $1.25 EA.
  • Easter Socks. $1.25 EA. 1 – pk.
  • Heartline Greeting Card. 2 FOR $1.00.
  • Easter Craft Supplies. $1.25.
  • Rustic Bunny Coasters!. Individual Materials $1.25. Final Products Shown
  • Everyday Craft Supplies. $1.25. 18″ x21″ Craft Fabric, 125 – ct. Googly Eyes, 20 – ct. Glue Sticks, 45 – ct. Chenille Stems & MORE!
  • Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Parchment Paper, Foil Pans & MORE!. $1.25 EA.
  • Jim Beam® 4-oz. Coffee. $1.25.
  • Pillsbury® Cake Mixes or Frosting. $1.25 EA.
  • SunnyD® 56-oz. Orange Drink. $1.25 EA.
  • Splenda® 8-oz. Coffee Creamer. $1.25 EA.
  • Emails. Be the first to know about new arrivals online, in – store specials & events fun ideas & inspiration, and more
  • Hallmark Expressions. $1.00.

Toys, Books & Crafts

  • Spring Fling Party Supplies. $1.25. 12 – ct. Square Plates, 14 – ct. Guest Napkins, 6 – pk.
  • Spring Fling Gift Bags or Boxes. $1.25.

How to Save with the Dollar Tree Weekly Ad

By going online you will be able to see the savings on the dollar tree weekly ad, to make your list before actually visiting the location nearest you. The online Dollar Tree Weekly Ad, will give you many options that you can search from, these may include household, pantry, party supplies, health and beauty, office and school, toys and crafts, seasonal or holiday, or perhaps extreme values and new arrivals.

How to Keep Updated with the Dollar Tree Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. You may wish to go to the store locator, which will show you the closest store to you.
  3. You will be able to search in many ways allowing you to make your search specific to want you are seeking. Or simply view the sales for the given week as presented.
  4. Being a virtual advertisement you can zoom in to look at products much closer or look at all pages at a glance.
  5. You have several links where you may choose to share the Dollar Tree Weekly Ad with Family and friends on many different social media.
  6. There is also an option to choose an item and have it shipped to your local store for pick-up. Once you have filled out the information of the product you wish to purchase you will receive an email confirmation, which you take to the store with you. For additional information on this service read the section on In-Store pick-up.