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Brookshire’s Weekly Ad (3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024) This Week

The Brookshire’s weekly ad is an online ad offered by Brookshire’s to help you save money. Grocery shopping can get expensive, even if you stick to the basics, so it’s important to save money on the food you need anyway.

Brookshire’s Weekly Ad (Valid: 3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024)

How to Save with the Brookshire’s Weekly Ad

Saving money is easy with the ad, because they provide you with great savings each week and a shopping list so that you can email or print it out and take it with you.

How to Keep Updated with the Brookshire’s Weekly Ad

Registering your email address with the company will allow you to receive coupons, recipes and the weekly ad. Click Register at the top of the page and input your information.

  1. 1. Go to
  2. You will see the address and name of the store they select for you. If you prefer a different location, hover over the “change store location” hyperlink and input your Zip code. Otherwise, you can click “yes, this is my store” or look down underneath the box to select the circular you want to view.
  3. The page numbers of the ad will be at the top and bottom of the page. Click them to go on.
  4. Placing your mouse on an item will allow you to add it to your shopping list, if you desire. You can also click view details to learn more about the item.
  5. After you are finished placing items in the shopping list, scroll to the top of the page and click “My Shopping List” at the top. You can change the quantity, save the list (if you are signed in) and more. You can also add items that weren’t on sale by typing in the name and clicking add.

Brookshire’s Weekly Ad Store locations